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About Us

OTOKOD Technology Inc.

Otokod Technology offers innovative solutions since 1990.

We as Otokod Technology are Independent Solution Provider, we have completed many traceability projects in various sectors since our establishment. We have been in the Cash Logistics sector since 2011 and now we have focused on ManageCash, the most important product in our solution portfolio.

  • Field Management
  • Cash Center Automation
  • ATM Transactions
  • Cash Processing
  • Planning
  • Cash Transport Automation
  • Integration with Money Counting Machines
  • Digital ATM cabinet control operation

Bright Ideas

We produce innovative ideas within the technology for process management in the Cash Logistics industry.

Advanced Technology

With cloud technology, we make operations paperless and help you to monitor transactions instantly and take immediate action.

Employee Development

We go one step ahead by keeping our team members’ sectoral knowledge and experience at the highest level.

Why Otokod?

Numbers by teamwork


Cash Management Center


Armoured Vehicle


Field Staff


Million transaction

Strategic Partners


OTOKOD Technology

As Otokod Technology Inc., we have been offering vertical solutions in various sectors for many years. Since the day we were established, we have been providing profitability and fast ROI with our productivity enhancing software solutions. Our innovative business approach has enabled it to establish long-term relationships with industry-leading companies. Since 2011, We continue our R&D efforts and continues our growth abroad.

  • First Cash Logistics Management System in MENA area (2013)
  • First Cash Logistics Management System in Turkey in 2011
  • Online Mobile Sales Force Automation System (2010)
  • Free Pass Road System (OGS) (2004)
  • MES system in Turkey in 1995


OTOKOD Technology
Process Management

Trace cash transportation traffic with surveillance.
Make it predictable and take action in any issue.
View operation by real time data