A white paper on Digitalization of Cash Logistics Processes | by Otokod Technology, 2019

Background: Most of the CIT companies are in lack of the necessary automation for order collection, processing and tracking orders in the field. Most processes are still conducted manually and manual processing requires filling in many paper forms. This was the case with Bantaş in the early days of its foundation.

As the transaction volume of Bantaş increased, the need for traceability of the operations became a necessity and Otokod implemented ManageCash (formerly known as MODAS-Mobile Distribution System) for Bantaş, and it was coupled to Bantaş ERP System. Bantaş’s own ERP System and ManageCash system is now fully integrated, automating the work orders and control of the cash to be transported in the field, cash handling with barcoded security seals, counting, transferring and finalizing orders on touch-screen kiosk PCs. Also, an Android mobile application was developed on handheld terminals for safe, fast and accurate execution of field operations. In addition, the Central Bank transactions were performed automatically and daily transactions were optimized. Benefits of digitalization: There has now been a significant reduction in operating costs, time and errors as can be seen below.

Vehicles are checked online against their insurance limits.
Minimizing human errors (up to 30%) Improving on SLA performance/increasing ATM uptime

Tracking liabilities online (100% visibility) through barcoded security seals
Supporting ATM checklists with Android mobile application

Reduce total cost of ownership
Reduce employee overtime

Paperless operations & e-Waybill
Saving on transaction duration per stop

And more…

Bantaş (founded in 2009) is the leading cash logistics company in Turkey which is a joint venture of three leading commercial banks namely Denizbank (Sberbank), QNB Finansbank, and TEB (BNP Paribas).

Otokod empowers financial institutions and Cash Logistics companies in driving up process optimization and bringing tangible speed and cost reduction throughout the Cash Supply Chain since 2011. It has been ensuring profitability and fast ROI with its innovative software solutions.