? How long does it take to deploy the Managecash-Enterprise?

ManageCash implementation can be done in a time varying according to the transaction volume of our client. User training can be given remotely or customized in cash centers, so please contact us.

? What is Managecash-Personal/Business?

“ManageCash-Personal“ is an application that allows users to easily withdraw money from other ManageCash users or SME-sized retailers for their urgent physical cash needs. “ManageCash-Business” has been developed as a marketplace application to enable SME-sized retailers to safely transfer their daily cash revenue to the bank by bringing together the risk of carrying and storing their cash at the end of the day with contracted Cash In Transit companies..

? Does Managecash require new hardware?

ManageCash is web-based and does not require a special computer, it works even on a tablet. The operation of MC Kiosk applications used in cash centers on computers with barcode readers and touch screens brings great transaction speed in transaction speed. On the other hand, the personnel carrying on the field can carry out transactions online with Android OS smartphones.

? Is our data safe?

ManageCash data is securely stored in the cloud and 99% uptime is guaranteed.

? Can ManageCash-Enterprise work as a white-label?

Yes, we can customize the system to work with the customer's brand and logo.

? How much does ManageCash cost?

ManageCash-Enterprise's license fees varies according to the volume of the system, the number of actively used armored vehicles, personnel, cash center and service locations are decisive. Please contact us to get a price quote.