Cash Logistics Management System

What is Cash and Valuable Goods Logistics?


Every day, millions of people carry out their business without interruption, such as receiving money, depositing, making payments, and depositing commercial revenues at bank branches and ATMs. So, how did you get all this money while all these operations were being carried out? Do you know how it is procured, how frauds are dealt with, how it is organized?

Consider how shopping malls, bank branches and ATMs do not run out of cash and serve you uninterruptedly. Imagine that bank branches and ATMs never work one day. A tremendous work to help you avoid this nightmare. team, logistics support, and technology. In order for these machines to be in continuous operation, a different type of service is required. The team providing this service transports, processes, reassembles and maintains the cash. It acts to move it to where it needs to be. ATMs, like all technological devices, need constant and intensive maintenance. Sometimes these devices malfunction like all other technological devices or are made by human hands. they are out of service due to the damage caused.

Don't just think of the most intensive use of money as banks, ATMs, think of markets, chain stores and imagine the scope of the work done. Each of them includes operations that require different care.



  • It reduces risks with real-time control of insurance limits of vehicles and csh points.

  • 100% visibility with online monitoring

  • Paperless, fast and error-free operation

  • Reducing human errors by up to 30%

  • Capture of SLA targets

  • Digitalization of ATM's cabin controls with mobile application

  • Reducing the overtime workload of employees


High Efficiency

Our customers manage all these operations paperless and online with our ManageCash solution, error-free and accurately. In this way, our customers can provide time, speed and savings, and be more competitive against their competitors.



Cash Transaction Center



Armored vehicle


Field Worker


Million Transactions

? How long does it take to deploy the Managecash system?

ManageCash implementation can be done in a time varying according to the transaction volume of our client. User training can be given remotely or customized in cash centers, so please contact us.

? Does Managecash require new hardware?

ManageCash is a wEB application and does not require a special computer, it works even on a tablet. The operation of MC Kiosk applications used in cash centers on computers with barcode readers and touch screens brings great transaction speed in transaction speed. On the other hand, the personnel carrying on the field can carry out transactions online with Android (6.0 and higher versions) smartphones.

? Is our data safe?

ManageCash data is securely stored in the cloud and 99% uptime is guaranteed.

? Can the system work as a white-label?

Yes, we can customize the system to work with the customer's brand and logo.

? How much does ManageCash cost?

ManageCash license fee varies according to the volume of the system, the number of actively used armored vehicles, personnel, cash center and service locations are decisive. Please contact us to get a price quote.

Special Solutions for You

Ready-to-use systems may not be able to fully meet all your needs, but by definition they are ready to use and you can start using them immediately after purchasing. ManageCash solutions can be developed as small, medium and high-level customization in terms of customer use, as they are designed according to the general rules of the industry. Although developing a custom project takes time to achieve results, it fits your business 100% and fully meets your needs. Contact us at