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Safe Transport of Money

Otokod Teknoloji, which manages the logistics of cash, foreign currency, gold, jewelery and valuable documents with the 'ManageCash' software, opens up to the world after Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

managecash abd pazarını radarına aldı


Managecash Takes US Market Radar

ManageCash solution developed by Otokod offers secure transportation service by monitoring every stage of the cash journey online.

managecash cnnturk 10.11.2019


ManageCash CNNTurk

Otokod's CEO Mehmet Kavi talks about ManageCash how to solves Banks and Cash Logistics companies dealing with efficiency problems every day.

managecash bloomberg ht


Managecash, BloombergHT

Mehmet Kavi from Otokod Teknoloji talked about the ManageCASH product they developed and the new "CashTech" projects as the guest of Sefer Yüksel in the Financial Technology program broadcast on the BloombergHT channel.