ManageCash in the Logistics Industry

Increasing productivity, reducing errors and increasing revenue per unit time are among the most important stages of cash logistics operations. Existing financial software and banking Cash security and financial efficiency can be achieved with sectoral applications that can be integrated into corporate systems. Three key innovations that make ATM and cash transactions easier than ever before. You can take a closer look.

Automatic Data Collection and Data Control

Depending on usage, ATM problems encountered may disrupt operational banking operations.

Depending on usage, ATM problems encountered may disrupt operational banking transactions. The fact that the systems can be operated remotely provides the opportunity to intervene immediately to problems. Thanks to instant reporting to the network operator, information can be obtained from a single ATM or from all ATM groups connected to the network. Information obtained and updates developed; in the form of a specific date, time, file format assignable. For example; Photo and video records can be backed up on a daily basis, while reports of transaction movements are prepared once a week. With a single management platform, all the data needed by the ATM fleet, remote monitoring manageable and easily manageable

End Manual Software Support and Maintenance

It is important that ATMs, which are equipped with high technologies, work smoothly so that they do not let their customers down. Manual software support and maintenance thanks to remote intervention possibilities ATM fleets can be easily updated without the need for Data security is maximized thanks to the end-to-end encrypted TCP/IP connection powered by external software. Remote intervention with mobile application support The facility can also be used to update the security scenarios of ATMs on the network. With the video content analysis feature, the recorded data can be quickly classified and irrelevant recordings can be disabled. online 100% visibility can be achieved through monitoring.

High Level Security in Cash Transport Thanks to Instant Tracking

Remote management provides secure file transfer between administrator workstation and data collection device. In this way, instant tracking, physical document control and location encountered during cash transfer sharing problems can be avoided. Just like in cargo transportation, cash logistics with all its stages can be reported on the basis of day, hour, location and courier. Paperless barcode operation, free from human error It also minimizes the risks caused by With digitization and automation, getting rid of traditional cash handling procedures, avoiding unnecessary costs and ensuring the security of cash deposit flow is an ordinary task. becomes. Thanks to the ManageCash cash logistics management software, the operation's feedback alternatives, money handling opportunities and data processing options increase. Thus, financial companies and banks are involved in the cash transfer process. can easily eliminate all the risks they may encounter.