Traceability Is Important, Especially If You Are In The Cash Logistics Business.

Security is hidden in Traceability. Why not follow up in this way in the Cash Transport Industry, while even cargo companies monitor their field operations electronically?

The first priority of the money transported in the CIT-(Cash-In-Transit) or Cash Logistics sector is security, and the second is the accurate and timely delivery of this money to the buyer.
There are armored vehicles with remote cameras in the operation, field workers are trained, but these are only within the scope of the physical security of the work. In addition, the cash carried should be constantly monitored with 5W1K (What, Why, How, Where, When, Who) principles.

Possible non-compliances and risks should be immediately informed, and in this way, effective management of field operations should be ensured. In addition, customers want to see the status of their transport orders instantly. An integrated information infrastructure that monitors end-to-end traceability in all cash preparation and transportation operations should be established, and in particular, field operations should be carried out using smart devices and data collection technologies (Barcode, RFID, etc.). Banks/Customers can instantly see the status of work orders from web-based monitoring panels.
Thanks to Cash Automation, savings and optimization in processes, perfection of situational awareness and continuity of trust in the company will be ensured.

Otokod A.Ş. offers end-to-end solutions for the execution of all operations in this sector, with the ManageCash Cash Logistics Management System developed specifically for the Cash Transport industry.