for Personal

With ManageCash-Personal, it is possible to access cash from anywhere from anyone except ATM or Bank.

for Business

A marketplace platform that easily connects SMEs with Cash Logistics companies to securely
collect their revenues and digitize their cash operations.

for CIT-Cash In Transit

Cash In Transit companies uses ManageCash CIT mobile application to track their operations real time and prevents any losses, frauds and increases efficiency with paperless operations.


for Enterprises

It is an end-to-end solution that digitizes all cash-related operations of banks and cash logistics companies.

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Access cash from anywhere and from anyone.

With ManageCash, it is possible to access cash from anywhere except ATM or Bank.

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Let ManageCash® automate and track your cash operations!

ATM Management
ATM Digital Cabin Control Checklist
Electronic lock integration
Cash Center Automation
Cash Center Cash-In / Cash-Out/ E-waybill
Manual Route Planning
Cash Transport Automation
Central Bank Transactions
Integration with Cash Sorters

mehmet kavi

Mehmet KAVİ

Co-Founder of Managecash

ManageCash Operations

ManageCash Organizes Your Cash Operations!

We produce technology-based solutions with innovative ideas for managing your operational processes. What do our solutions provide?

  • Open Work Orders

  • Prepare Bag / ATM Casette

  • Assign & Optimize Routes

  • Track with the ManageCash Mobile® app

  • Load Cash to Armored Vehicle.

  • %100 Transparency

About Us

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Why ManageCash

Integrated Solutions for Cash Industry

  • Increase visibilty
  • Save Time & Cost
  • Increase Profitability
  • Reduce Risks by Tracking Insurance Limits.

Increase Visibilty

Track your operations with barcode and RFID technologies

Save Time Cost

Save time and cost by eliminating the need for multiple paper copies to manage cash logistics

Increase Profitability

Easy to navigate screens and dashboards allow you to track the logistics operations real time to reduce delays, cut fuel cost and eliminate the need for staff overtime. But most importantly track where the money is to prevent losses.

Reduce Risks by Tracking Insurance Limits.

Reduce the total insurance premium costs by real-time monitoring insurance limits of armored vehicles in the field, and be safe against being non-compliance risk.

Technology That Manage Cash

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